As a young violinist growing up in Romania, I was immersed in a very rich musical upbringing focused on all aspects of music education. This has inspired much of who I am today as musician and teacher.

My teaching style combines both music performance and music theory, which I have found helps one to develop a richer understanding of music. In my approach, I also consider it crucial to adapt my teaching style according to students’ individual personalities. While one style might work wonders for one student, it may not necessarily function for others. I have also seen first-hand in my own development how important good violin technique is. It sets a strong foundation for preventing tension and future pain, and so I have come to instill such important mindfulness in my students as well.

In my teaching, I also work on strengthening students’ focus and awareness. In my opinion, this is one of most important skills to develop.  Training one’s mind for more efficient practicing is the road to success in all areas of learning, as believe that all learning is ‘brain learning”.

Overall, I like to keep my philosophy of teaching open to new methods and approaches, as I view teaching violin as a lifelong learning experience.

Whether for the professional-to-be musician or student interested in pursing a new hobby or activity, my teaching is open to students of all skill levels and ages. My passion is developing musicians to have a deeper sensitivity and appreciation for classical music and art. Ultimately, my teaching focuses on assisting students to develop self-awareness through music, leading them to become not only proficient and expressive performers, but more present and rounded individuals.

Studio Goals

  • Audition preparation
  • Practice techniques
  • Goal settings
  • Proper technique setting
  • Positive environment